Nock Out Host

Nikki Haverstock

Nikki (Stull) Haverstock has been involved in competitive archery for over 10 years. As a recurve archer she has been ranked as high as 9th in the USA Archery Rolling Rankings and 13th in the USAT Rankings, and still competes at a number of national events each year.

Nikki was an obvious choice for the host of Nock Out. Her beaming smile and glowing personality combined with a thorough understanding of archery makes her a natural host. She has a talent for putting the contestants at ease, but beware of her rapier wit!

Before moving to Colorado with her husband, Nikki was an adjunct professor at Biola University in Los Angeles where she taught archery for over 8 years.

Over the course of my time at Biola, archery became the most popular PE class on campus with a long wait list each semester.

Last year Nikki received the 10 year plaque for coaching a college archery team in the US Collegiate Archery program.

In addition to her work at Biola, Nikki helped found the Archery programs at UCLA, and assisted with the coaching there as well. She has been very involved in college archery over the years and has served as college registrar and Western Regional Representative for several terms.

Nikki’s dedication to the sport led her to earn a Masters in Sport Psychology from Cal State Fullerton in the Fall of 2009. She has used that knowledge to help her team strive for success. Competent with both a recurve and compound bow, Nikki is passionate about the sport of archery and is an enthusiastic ambassador of the sport.

Now living and working on a ranch in Colorado, Nikki also enjoys making glass beads and has become quite an artisan with the medium. Be sure to check out her column under the Opinion section.

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