Zelenda Koch

Milwaukee, WI

Zelenda KochDisciplines of Archery: I started shooting local 3-D shoots to develop my skills, as I wanted to become a bow hunter. The combination of my inner passion for the outdoors and my self-competitiveness was quickly unleashed into the sport of archery, as I developed a drive to advance my own abilities. With this, I started competing in regional and national 3-D events, such as Midwest Archery Championships, ASA and IBO tournaments. I especially love to compete in “extreme” archery and bow hunting events that demand physical and mental abilities, such as mountain shoots and “bow-atholon” type challenges. I am just now expanding my “archery horizons” into other disciplines, such as field and spot archery, as I realize how limitless the archery word truly is!

Significant Accomplishments in Archery: I have won a copious amount of local and regional archery events, especially 3-D shoots. A small example of some accomplishments include 1st in Midwest Archery Championships in 2009 and 2010 (and shooter of the year), the “Winter Cam Classic” women’s open winner in 2011 and 2012, and have been the “only female finalist” in numerous local/regional 3-D tournaments. I compete in National ASAs and IBOs, and have placed in the top 10 a few times; but recently, my shooting is significantly improving within this last year, and I recently won 1st place in the Kentucky ASA Women’s Known Class (2013). I expect to continue this string of success to “the pros” in my future! Furthermore, I also enjoy promoting and teaching the sport of archery with a positive mentality, and recently started a women’s and girls’ archery program (Doez N Arrows).

Why I started Archery: Archery became a natural passion for me, as I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and (what some would call me!) obsessed with fitness and athletics; I literally grew-up with a fishing pole in my hands with my dad, but never hunted. That changed a few years ago, I finally told Tony that I was always intrigued by bow hunting. He happily pioneered my new interest with me, and very soon, archery became a natural infatuation to both of us. I have a natural, up-beat, spirited drive instilled within myself, which motivates me to work hard and strive for accomplishments in my passions of archery, fitness and athletic competitions, and academics. I am very often told my positive attitude and drive is motivational and inspirational to others. I now enjoy using this drive in competing, placing, and winning in many regional to national archery tournaments, as I enjoy seeing the progress in myself.

Other Major Accomplishments or Interests: I grew-up as a judo athlete, achieved my black belt, and competed and won national competitions throughout college. I obtained my B.S. in Geosciences, and have travelled in remote and extreme research excursions including Antarctica, Argentina, Canada, Bahamas, and New Zealand for science research for my Masters and PhD. I am an extreme outdoor enthusiast, and among fishing, bowfishing, and hunting, I also enjoy mountain and rock climbing, camping, biking, backpacking, and snowshoeing. My passion really lies in fitness and motivation, and as an avid athlete, and have competed in triathlons, marathons, obstacle races, as well as winning my pro natural bodybulding card. Crossfit is my main sport in which I train that enhances my archery abilities. I’m devoted to motivate and inspire others, especially women, to follow their goals and needs in life.

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